Japan’s Emergency System Criticized After Response to Torrential Rains! BY JASON MILLER

Some citizens of the Japanese city of Ozu are criticizing Japan’s Emergency Warning System following the death of four people and over four-thousand homes were destroyed. The criticism came after government officials took the step last Saturday(July 7th,2018) to “release water from 2 upstream dams,” during last weeks torrential rains which hit most of the country. Officials, however, did not notify people in time and that they would be emptying the dams at the rate of thousands of tons of water per second which is 6 times more than deemed safe according to state-run broadcaster NHK World.


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe responded to questions regarding the government’s decision to release the water from the dams on Friday(July 13th,2018) while visiting an evacuation center in Ozu City saying “the land ministry will investigate the warning system and make any changes necessary as soon as possible.”

Meanwhile over two-hundred people across the country of Japan have died with some saying that its “the nation’s worst weather disaster in 36 years.”  40-year-old Hiroshi Oka from Okayama prefecture told The Japan Times, “We need the water supply back,” and that “we are getting is a thin stream of water, and we can’t flush toilets or wash our hands.” Now over seven thousand evacuees face sanitation risks from the scorching heat, possible mudslides and the aforementioned problems with the water supply. Forecasters say the heat and humid conditions will remain into next week with some areas receiving rain.

NHK World reports that about 5,800 people in 16 prefectures were staying at evacuation shelters provided by local authorities.

Japan’s agriculture ministry has assessed the financial cost of the disaster to be at least $207 million which is expected to rise. The cost of vegetables alone has gone up between 10 to 30 percent since the disaster which the government says they will be “closely monitoring.”

© 2018 Miller News Service

Sources: NHK World: Abe pledges review of dam warning system and So far nearly 200 dead in Japan’s record rain

The Japan Times: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2018/07/13/national/western-japan-struggles-restore-water-flood-hit-towns-temperatures-soar/#.W0kPXH4nZ-0




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