President Trump Signs Taiwan Travel Act Into Law!


Trump Defies China over Taiwan
Photo Courtesy of NHK World Newsline


President Trump signed the Taiwan Travel Act into law Friday (March 16th) following its passing in both house’s of Congress on March 1st. (See story US Senate Passes Travel Act Regarding Taiwan!)

The legislation aims to encourage mutual visits between the US and Taiwanese officials at all levels. China strongly opposes the new law saying it “views its One China policy as the foundation for relations with Washington. This comes as the US government is stepping up pressure on China over trade and other issues. Observers tell NHK World Newsline “new law may affect US-China cooperation in dealing with North Korea’s missile and nuclear development.”

The new law comes as Trump Administration ongoing disagreements with China over there unfair trade practices and the expansion of there military.

Source: NHK World Newsline

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