US Senate Passes Travel Act Regarding Taiwan!

China Taiwan snapshot
Photo Courtesy of NHK World Newsline

The US Senate passed new legislation on Wednesday regarding the Asian country of Taiwan. The bill which still requires President Trump’s signature would allow more visits by the US and Taiwanese government officials at all levels.

Chinas foreign minister spokesperson Hua Chunying responded to the news telling reporters that the bill “seriously violates Beijing’s “One China” principle.” and that China is “strongly dissatisfied with the legislation and resolutely opposes it.”

The passing of this bill comes as China has recently took measures to make it easier for Taiwanese citizens to invest, work and study in mainland China. That action angered the government of Taipei, who then accused China of trying to lure away talent and undermining Taiwan’s political identity.

No word yet on whether President Trump will sign the bill. Taiwan’s presidential office has already thanked the US Congress for supporting the island.

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Sources: NHK World Newsline; LA Times

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