Government Watchdog Organization Threatens The State of California Over Voter Rolls! BY JASON MILLER

This past Tuesday (August 1st 2017)  the California based Election Integrity Project joined Judicial Watch, Inc., a non-partisan government watchdog organization in Washington, D.C. Together they sent a six-page letter to California Secretary of State Alex Padilla regarding his refusal to follow Section 8 of the National Voter Rights Act (NVRA) and said that they (Judicial Watch/Election Integrity Project) have “strong circumstantial evidence that California municipalities are not conducting reasonable voter registration list maintenance as mandated under the NVRA.

On page two of the letter Attorney Robert D. Popper says that if Secretary Padilla refuses’s to “correct these violations of Section 8 within 90 days” that the  “Election Integrity Project California,, INC. a registered non-profit corporation in California and Judicial Watch, Inc. will bring a lawsuit against you and if appropriate, against the counties named,” in the letter.

Who are those counties you may ask they; according to Judicial Watch’s letter there are eleven counties in the state of California that have more registered voters than voting-age citizens: Imperial (102%), Lassen (102%), Los Angeles (112%), Monterey (104%), San Diego (138%), San Francisco (114%), San Mateo (111%), Santa Cruz (109%), Solano (111%), Stanislaus (102%), and Yolo (110%).  The letter also states that officials Los Angeles “informed us(Judicial Watch/Election Integrity Project) that the total number of registered voters now stands at a number that is a whopping 144% of the total number of resident citizens of voting age.”

For those of you not familiar with Judicial Watch has had prior success in litigating NVRA lawsuits in the states of Ohio and Indiana. Back in the year 2014, they entered into a settlement agreement in Ohio forcing them to remove voters who were no longer eligible to vote. In April of 2017, Judicial Watch sent notice-of-violation letters threatening to sue eleven other states having counties in which the number of registered voters exceeds the number of voting-age citizens.

The Election Integrity Project in Californa said in a statement sent to the media that they “are thrilled that through this process with Judicial Watch we can begin to honor the efforts of thousands of volunteers who believe in the electoral system established by America’s founders and who have volunteered with us to restore the integrity of elections in California.”

The Miller News Service reached out to California Secretary of State Alex Padilla for comment regarding Judicial Watch/Election Integrity Projects joint letter dated August 1st; we are still awaiting their response.

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