UK Judge Allows US Doctor To Go To UK!

New photo of Charlie Gard

UK High Court Judge Mr. Justice Francis early Friday morning July 14th (2017) gave a US doctor clearance to “come to the UK to examine 11-month-old baby critically-ill baby Charlie Gard’s condition more closely according to ITN/ITV News in London. The doctor, who cannot be named, said Thursday via video link (See Story Charlie Gard’s Parents Walk Out Of Court in Frustration!)that “he would be willing to travel to London to carry out an examination,” and that Charlie had a “10% chance that treatment could have “clinically meaningful success”.  Mr. Justice Francis raised the prospect that proceedings could be adjourned for several days to allow the expert to see baby Charlie in person.

This comes after Charlie’s parents Chris Gard and Connie Yates stormed out of the hearing earlier in the Thursday afternoon. The UK High Court is still deciding whether the 11-month-old should be given experimental treatment. Doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) in London, say “that Charlie has already suffered catastrophic brain damage and there is no prospect for any meaningful recovery.”

More updates on this developing story as we get them.

Source: ITN/ITV News

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2 thoughts on “UK Judge Allows US Doctor To Go To UK!

  1. Their idea of meaningful recovery is not the same as a mother’s any recovery any hope is what mother wants they’re just throw a board Dr that don’t want to give the baby a chance


  2. Where there’s life there’s hope, he should have been given this chance at the very beginning instead of taking it to court.


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