Charlie Gard’s Father Accuse’s Doctors Of Lying in UK High Court BY JASON MILLER

Latest photo of Charlie parents
Charlie Gard’s parents Connie Yates and Chris Gard Photo by Dominic Lipinski/PA

It was another emotional day in the UK’s High Court Monday (July 10th, 2017) where the parents of Charlie Gard and doctors from Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) once again debated the whether 11-month-year-old Charlie should be taken off life support. Charlie who suffers from what doctors have called a “severe genetic condition” that they say has “left him brain damaged and dependent on life support.” (See Story Socialized Medicine may take life of Nine month old baby boy in the United Kingdom)

Charlie’s father Chris Gard accused a lawyer who is representing doctors at GOSH of lying about the 11-month-old’s condition saying “When are you going, to tell the truth?” Charlie’s mother Connie Yates also pleaded with the court “He is our son. Please listen to us.” The family has said there was “encouraging” evidence about therapy in America and say there is a “small chance” of brain recovery.

Mr. Justice Francis, who first ruled in April that ending life support treatment for Charlie would be in his best interest; the judge could potentially revise his decision if “new and powerful” evidence comes to light. “There is not a person alive who would not want to save Charlie,” and “If you bring new evidence to me and I consider that evidence changes the situation … I will be the first to welcome that outcome.”

Justice Francis then adjourned the hearing until Thursday and told Charlie’s parents that they “should set out any new evidence,” regarding Charlie’s proposed treatment.

A family friend spoke on behalf of the family following Monday’s hearing saying:

“Charlie’s parents look forward to new evidence being heard before the High Court this Thursday that will result in Charlie’s parent taking him to either the United States of America or Italy for groundbreaking treatment.

Mum and dad say that if Charlie is still fighting then they are still fighting.”

Charlie Gard supporters photo
Supporters of Charlie Gard outside UK High Court. Credit: PA

Supporters of Charlie Gard were also outside of court showing their support with banners and shouting “Save Charlie Gard.”

Bobby Schindler the brother of the Terri Schiavo and operates the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network in the United States has also been with Charlie’s family offering his help and support; in a Facebook post over the weekend Schindler said “What a precious little child. Charlie Gard is in the hearts and prayers of so many. I brought each of you with me in spirit as I visited his bedside in prayer.”

This latest court hearing comes after doctors won an order saying that “Charlie’s life support should be turned off” in a case that went all the way to the European Court of Human Rights. President Trump and Pope Francis then offered their support with the Pope offering to transfer Baby Charlie to the Vatican Hospital in Italy. Connie Yates has said “Pope and US President Donald Trump” have in “Charlie’s case saved his life so far.”

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Source: ITN/ITV News

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