California Democrats Use “Animal Planet” Tactics in Response to Recall State Senator!

lion and gazelle photo
Photo Courtesy of Benjamin Juru

Despite objections from GOP lawmakers Californian Democrats Thursday (June 15th) used a budget maneuver. The maneuver was used by the Democrats who control the legislature to “help out a freshman colleague, Senator Josh Newman, who faces an ugly recall battle in Southern California after voting for increasing the state’s gas tax less than six months after he was elected,” according to The Mercury Newspaper in Northern California.

The provision was slipped into a veterans cemetery bill and would add new requirements for qualifying a recall petition for the ballot causing it to delay a Newman recall to a general election. California general elections typically have better turnouts for Democrats than special elections who tend to favor Republicans. The bill was then fast-tracked to the State Senate under bill SB 96; which was then passed into law.

Republicans are extremely angry; Republican Assemblyman Devon Mathis said, “I’m a combat veteran, and I didn’t get blown up twice in Iraq to come home and see this happen.” Assemblyman Dante Acosta, a Republican from Santa Clarita said it was a “baldly political move.”

The bill creates a 30-day period for citizens to withdraw their signatures from a recall initiative. It also calls for a Department of Finance analysis of the cost of a special election and 30 days for a legislative committee to comment on that analysis. The bill the was passed by the Assembly 49-26, with a handful of Democrats not supporting it. Senate leader Kevin de León on Thursday told his colleagues “Never before in the history of the recall process have we seen deception so brash, so brazen, so obviously coordinated and so specifically dishonest,” and “If you don’t support these simple, straightforward reforms, you are not just condoning what is going on. … You are complicit in the one of the most troubling election frauds of our time.”

The reason why Democrats might have made this move may have to do with an announcement that was made at a Republican Party of San Diego gathering (taped via Facebook at 25min23sec) this past Monday (June 12th) by Carl DeMaio a San Diego radio talk show host saying, “I found our gazelle, I found him, he not only the slowest one, this ones only got two legs, this ones going to be easy to go after he can’t run State Senator Josh Newman who only won by twenty-two hundred votes.” This might explain why what DeMaio has called the “Gazelle Strategy” on his radio show in San Diego has backfired. Carl DeMaio responded (Friday, June 16th) on his radio program the DeMaio Report saying “WE WILL SUE!” The Miller News Service then asked DeMaio staff who and when he will sue regarding the recall, his staff responded: “We Don’t Know”.

The Miller News Service also reached out to Chairman of the Republican Party of San Diego Tony Krvaric for comment regarding “Thursday’s budget maneuver,” but did not receive back a response from him or the Republican Party of San Diego.

Source: The Mercury News

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