Ten Socialist Bills Passed by a Republican Politician!

Oroville Dam located on the Feather River east of the city of Oroville, California!

With all the investigations and probes into Russia; some of you may be wondering if our politicians in DC are getting anything done these days.

Well, the answer, in short, is yes; a Republican congressman from California, Congressman Darrel Issa (Orange County) approved ten bills in the House of Representatives on Monday, June 12th.  One thing all the bills have in common is that they all involve the nation’s energy efficiency and energy infrastructure.

However, if you are a Conservative you might take issue with a majority of these bills due to the attention paid to minorities, women, and supporters of climate change/global warming. The second paragraph of Congressman Issa’s press release says it all saying “Producing more of our energy from low-cost, domestically available, clean sources is key to securing both America’s energy independence and meeting our goals on climate change.”  Congressman Issa also goes out of his way to thank Congressmen Scott Peters (San Diego) who is a Democrat saying “Of particular note, I want to congratulate Congressman Scott Peters on House passage of his HYPE Act to cut red tape on hydroelectric projects. The efforts today represent great bipartisan work on these important issues and I encourage their quick passage by our colleagues in the Senate.”

These bills seem to go out of the way to target certain segments of the population not all Americans; the first bill H.R. 338 says in part in regards to the aforementioned minorities and women that it “would improve education and training for energy and manufacturing-related jobs, with an emphasis on increasing opportunities for women, veterans, and minorities.”

We reached out to Congressman Doug LaMalfa of California’s 1st District regarding these proposed bills. An official responded back saying “we will not be commenting on this story.” We should note that Congressman LaMalfa district is the home of the Oroville Dam, which had multiple issues with its spillway when it malfunctioned on February 7th of this year.

The other bills approved included an extension of a deadline regarding the W. Kerr Scott Dam in Wilmington, North Carolina and to start the construction of the Jennings Randolph Dam. Construction in Mineral, West Virginia. But it appears no mention of the Oroville Dam was mentioned within these bill being proposed.

The Miller News Service also attempted to contact Congressman Darrel Issa’s office but the congressman nor his office responded to our questions.

Two questions that need to be answered; 1. Why did Congressman Issa cater to the so-called socialist and global warming supporters when writing these bills? and 2. When writing these bills why was the Oroville Dam ignored?

To see all ten of the proposed bills please click here

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