Conservative Party gets Slaughtered in UK General Election! BY JASON MILLER

British Jack flag for election

The UK has a hung-Parliament after a General Election Thursday night June 8th.  ITV/ITN’s political editor Robert Peston put it like this early on Thursday night, “Britain may be about to experience a “political earthquake,” and “This looks like a minus number for them and therefore a huge, huge humiliation,” for the Conservative Party.

The exit-poll that was announced at 10 p.m. British Time sent the Sterling fell over 1.5% to 1.27 US dollars and over 1% to 1.13 euros following the 10 pm exit poll.

The Labour party appears to be winning some of the normally Conservative constitutes(districts) and the North East of the United Kingdom which is a Labour stronghold.

ITV/ITN updated predictions Friday Morning June 9th that the Conservative Party will win 312 seats, followed by Labour with 259 seats.  UKIP has 0 as the party has urged their supporters to vote Torey in some constitutes.

In Scotland Labour took the first Scottish seat, but Scottish Conservatives overall came in second with 13 seats in which overturned the Scottish National Party’s (SNP) large majority that was gained in 2015. The SNP kept narrowly kept their majority with 34 seats, Labor came in third with 7 seats and the Lib Dems 4.

ITV/News is reporting that Boris Johnson the Foreign Secretary may be the next leader of the Conservative Party. But according to Shaun Moore who is a freelance journalist covering the five counties of Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Monmouthshire and Shropshire told the Miller News Service that, “Amber Rudd the Home Secretary could have a better chance.”

Moore also says that he, “believes even with the support of the unionists in Ireland, the Conservatives would struggle to form a viable administration without reaching out to other parties,” in the United Kingdom.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, buoyed by a night of unexpected gains, said “voters had rejected the prime minister’s demand for a Brexit mandate,” and said, “the results were “enough (for Mrs. May) to go”.

There may be another General Election however according to Former Labour chancellor Ed Balls who told ITV/ITN News  “he believed Britain would be almost certain to return to the polls as he reacted to the exit poll.”

It may be days or weeks before we know how things turn out in Westminster the political capital of the United Kingdom.

Sources: BBC News; ITV/ITN News

© 2017 Miller News Service

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