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6-month-old baby Steffen Rivenburg Jr. (right)

It is now confirmed by WSMV-TV in Nashville Tennessee “Steffen Rivenburg Jr. was removed from life support on Thursday afternoon.”

The child’s biological parents filed court orders to keep their son on life support, but a Montgomery County judge denied appeals, saying “the doctors know what’s best.”

“I don’t know how I’m going to live without him,” said Trish Tornberg, the baby’s mother. “He’s a character, and he’s a great kid. He’s a good baby.”

Thursday (June 8th) morning an emergency court session was held in Tennessee regarding the case of Steffen Rivenberg Jr. The Reunite the Rivenberg’s Facebook page said this “BREAKING NEWS!!! The entire family, DCS, and all attorneys have been called to court IMMEDIATELY!! Please send prayers!!” but later saying that the “Motion to stay denied” was denied.  WSMV-TV in Nashville is reporting that “A judge has denied an appeal filed by the parents of a 7-month-old baby to keep him on life support at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.” However, Health Impact News is reporting “The motion to appeal has still not been heard.”

Health Impact News spoke with one of Steffen Rivenburg Sr.’s sisters who reported that, to the family’s knowledge, Vanderbilt doctors did not respond to any of the other doctors or hospitals who were willing to offer a second opinion, even though Dr. Harold Andrew Smith of Vanderbilt agreed with Judge Wayne Shelton on Monday to allow the family the opportunity to get a second opinion about Baby Steffen’s condition. The ball was in Vanderbilt’s court, and they reportedly let it drop.

The Miller News Service has also learned that armed guards were watching Steffen Rivenbergs room at Vanderbilt Hospital and have escorted the extended family off the floor after they started shouting “second opinion.”  It was also reported that the family was escorted out of Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital by armed guard following Steffen being disconnected from life-support.

The hospital told WSMV-TV its goal is to serve the child’s best interests. VUMC’s chief communications officer John Howser said in a statement:

As we’ve indicated previously, our goal with this child-and with any child that is entrusted to our care-is to serve the child’s best interests and in a way that is medically appropriate. We have made every attempt to work with these parents and to enlist them in the necessary medical decisions that must be made in light of their child’s clinical condition. Rather than do so, they have chosen to pursue this matter through the courts, which to date have decided that the clinical care team should be free to proceed in the manner that they, in their professional judgment, believe is best for the child.  We will continue to do so going forward, as always endeavoring to have his parents participate with us in that process.

This news comes after the Rivenberg family had filed a Motion to Stay and an Appeal regard their case late Wednesday night June 7th.(See story A Motion to Stay Judge Shelton’s latest order Regarding Steffen Rivenberg JR.)

Sources: WSMV-TV; Medical Kidnap

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