John dodson photo
ATF Special Agent John Dodson


Special Agent John Dodson spoke before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on Wednesday, June 7th. Agent Dodson described how “six years ago to the day” he sat at the table he was speaking on with his fellow whistle-blowers. He talked about the ATF’s “ill-conceived and deadly gun-walk operation known has Fast and Furious.”

He said, “It is not my desire nor my intent to sit here and cry foul, report myself as a victim or seek sympathy.” Dodson continued; “Nothing I say here today can compare to the ultimate sacrifice of Brian Terry or to the immeasurable loss and injustice suffered by the Terry family,” and “I am here to tell you my story and you will conclude from it what you will.”

Dodson also described how he was “subjected to reprisals initially from my immediate supervisors,” followed by “the chain of command,” and “the cross-hairs of the Department of Justice.” To see the full video of Agent Dodson’s testimony to the committee click here.

The Miller News Service requested an interview from Congressman Thomas Massie from Kentucky who is a member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee; we did not hear back from the congressman’s office before the deadline on this report.

Video Source: Congressman Thomas Massie’s Youtube page

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