BREAKING NEWS: RIVENBERGS FILE A Motion to Stay Judge Shelton’s latest order Regarding Steffen Rivenberg JR.

A major development in Tennessee tonight; a source tells the Miller News Service “that the Rivenberg family has filed an appeal and motion to stay of Judge Shelton’s orders this past Monday, June 5th late tonight.” See a copy Motion of Appeal above

UPDATE ON THE RIVENBURGS – This is not over yet!! A Notice of Appeal has been filed by the parents, as well as a Motion to Stay Judge Shelton’s latest order that gives Vanderbilt Medical discretion to remove Baby Steffen from life support against his parent’s wishes.

Everyone say hi to CPS & Vanderbilt!

We heard today that the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services and Vanderbilt are attempting to GAG this family, including a threat that they are violating HIPPA laws by sharing Steffen Jr’s medical information. This page was mentioned specifically. Which makes one wonder what exactly Vanderbilt Medical and DCS are hiding and what is it they are scared we might share?

We have been informed that the parents were told after court not to tell Baby Steffen’s big sister, Annalise, that her brother is going to be removed from life support.

And tonight, we learned that Vanderbilt informed Steffen Sr. and Trish that they will remove Baby Steffen from life support tomorrow. They are allowing close family to visit until about 9 pm tonight, and the parents again in the morning.

Vanderbilt must not have gotten the memo about the appeal. They will soon and then have a decision to make. Do they keep Baby Steffen alive until the higher court has returned a final judgment, or do they move forward and risk a wrongful death claim if the Rivenburgs win their appeal.

And to let @DCS, @Vanderbilt, and whomever it may concern, know… this is the official family support page for the Rivenburg family, however it is not run by them.

We are family advocates from The Fight for Lilly Foundation,, a CPS/Family Law Watchdog organization focused on advocating for the legal rights of families and exposing a corrupt Child Protection system.

We can give messages directly to the family, but they do not run this page. And even if you gag these parents, we will still be here to fight for them and expose you. Let’s make you famous! 😉 We will happily and loudly expose you for the child stealing, family destroying, attempted murdering, Title IV funding whores you are. If you are a good person, then your actions will show it. If you have nothing to hide then it shouldn’t matter if you are publicly scrutinized. You are a public servant… and answer to US. The public. If you don’t like it, GET A DIFFERENT JOB!

To everyone else: we hope you will keep fighting for Baby Steffen too! Tell Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt what you think. You can also reach out to Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam.
*please remember to use your manners, it’s okay to be angry, just not threatening*

More information on this story as we get it.

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