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7-month-old baby Steffen Rivenburg Jr. (right)

Monday, June 5th Judge Wayne Shelton decided the fate of 7-month-old Steffen Rivenburg in a Clarksville, Tennessee courtroom

The Judge decided that Tennessee Department of Children’s Services(DCS) had parental rights over Baby Steffen, not his mother Patricia Tornberg. According to WSMV-TV in Nashville; “Steffen is still alive, however, the family has 24 to 48 hours to find another pediatric cardiologist and heart transplant doctor for a second opinion.”

The Miller News Service spoke with Steffen’s mother Patricia Tornberg, Tuesday, June 6th for her reaction to Judge Shelton’s decision; she said: “she told the judge to his face that she wanted her kids back.” We asked if the family had found a doctor yet; she responded “that they did” and “that they were in the process of notifying their attorneys and the court,” she did not, however, provide the Miller News Service with the name of the doctor.

Patricia says, “that because DCS did not properly communicate their requirements to her or her family” is why it has come to this point. She takes it one step further saying “that she notified DCS of her transportation problems for Steffen’s doctors appointments” and “that DCS only decided to get involved two days before by visiting her mother-in-law’s house offering her family transportation to doctor’s appointments on January 31st” as we have reported Patricia’s children were taken away on February 2, 2017.  (see story Seven-Month Old Baby Boy and Sister Kidnapped by Tennessee DCS!)

Vanderbilt University Medical Center released the following statement regarding the Rivenburg decision saying “We have gratified that the Court recognized that the medical professionals on the treatment team should be allowed to make the decisions that they believe, in their professional clinical judgment, are in this child’s best interests. It has been and has remains our desire to do so in collaboration with the child’s parents.”


Supporters and extended family held a rally and prayed outside the Montgomery County Courthouse during the hearing.

We will know the results regarding Steffen’s case twenty-fours from the time of the posting of this report.

Keep reading the Miller News Service for updates on this ongoing story.

Sources: WSMV-TV; Lydia Hubbel

© 2017 Miller News Service

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