US Senate Candidates Debate Issues in San Diego BY JASON MILLER

Five of the list of US, Senate Candidates debated the issues Tuesday night (May 10, 2016) in San Diego, California. The debate was put together by local San Diego tv station KPBS and its sister stations KPCC, KQED and Capital Public Radio through its California Counts election initiative. The candidates on stage were two Democrats California Attorney General Kamala Harris and Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez of Orange County. There were three Republicans, Tom Del Beccaro, Duf Sundheim and Ron Unz. Del Beccaro and Sundheim are former heads of the state Republican Party, while Unz is an entrepreneur, writer, and publisher.

The issues discussed were Syrian refugee crisis, state crime, illegal immigration, and climate change/global warming to name a few.

Attorney General Kamala Harris was under direct attack for most of the 1-hour debate by Duf Sundheim who mentioned Harris’s name in every answer to moderator Amita Sharma and KPBS’s group of panelist’s which only seemed to mildly annoy Harris.

The three issues that were in usual contention were climate change/global warming, Illegal Immigration and the waste from the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant disaster that is to be buried near a seawall and the shoreline by the California Coastal Commission to which some coastal citizens consider controversial.

But when asked about the disaster AG Harris declined to comment citing an “open investigation” and that she “represents the Coastal Commission in an advancing lawsuit”; which then Tom Del Beccaro said: “that Harris needs to investigate Governor Jerry Browns sisters company for the gas leak in Los Angeles that goes on and on.” Harris then accused Del Beccaro of “playing politics”, and defended her record of being, “fearless yes, reckless no”.

When it came to illegal immigration Congresswoman Sanchez and AG Harris had similar views with the exception of Harris who said, “If your not Native American were all immigrants here,” and “the need for comprehensive immigration reform is the front and center civil rights issue of our day.”

On climate change, AG Harris said she, “was a Proud Defendant of Climate Change,” and “blames the oil companies for the issues we have in our state.” Congresswoman Sanchez touted her 20-year congressional record saying “Well I will say that I have 20 years in the Congress of defending the environmental rights of our citizenry with a 100% voting record.” Del Beccaro, however, told me after the debate, “both sides are distracted when the real issues should have been on fighting pollution and innovating better industrial equipment 20 years ago.”

To watch the whole debate you can go to

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